Welcome to The Pegmate

AnimationThe new, revolutionary and easy to use tool for turning and tuning the pegs of orchestral stringed instruments. Whether it be your child’s first 32nd size violin, or your full size cello, The Pegmate will make tuning and turning pegs easy.


With its stylish, ergonomic and innovative design, The Pegmate reduces the effort needed to turn and tune the pegs of all orchestral stringed instruments.


Without The Pegmate the thumb/forefinger action, often used for turning and tuning, can lead to REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURY, CARPEL TUNNEL SYNDROME, and other ORTHOPAEDIC or PHYSIOLOGICAL conditions. The Pegmate aims to save, protect and transform the way your hands work, ensuring that for years to come, hands remain healthy for the all important task of playing.


For teachers and performers, amateur and professional, The Pegmate reduces the strain, the pain and time it takes to tune your instrument. Ideal for those working with or teaching small/large groups, as tuning is now fast and easy and playing and practise time is increased.


Made from 21st century materials designed to last, The Pegmate will be a friend for life, and will be the one tool you never knew you needed, but won’t want to be without.


No stringed instrument case or set up is complete without The Pegmate as it fits into all cases or side pockets.


With its quality design, organic look and comfortable feel, the pegmate is a great and necessary addition for string players of all levels, for all occasions, everywhere.

The Pegmate, the perfect gift!